KidsMin Suite

It is an exciting time for the children’s ministry here. We have prioritized remodeling the present Fellowship Hall into a kid’s ministry area, a Kidsmin Suite.

Here is a video produced by our consultant that shows the concept:Progress may appear slow because we are paying as we go. We are working with architects, building inspectors and engineers, but hope to use as much volunteer labor as possible. There are numerous steps to complete this project:

Several offices in the administration building will move to a new location.

A new family entrance will be constructed. A new ramp from a designated ‘Family Parking’ area that leads to the current Fellowship Hall will be constructed. The goal is to allow families to drop off all their children on one level before going upstairs to the sanctuary.

A new Fellowship Hall and kitchenette will be created where the offices of the youth pastor and children’s ministry director were previously located in the administration building.

Stairways and hallways up to the sanctuary will be widened.

A new Kidsmin Suite will be created in the lower level and will include a check-in station and four welcoming age-appropriate rooms with a theme and set pieces.

Unrelated to the Kidsmin Suite but a part of the plan is …

The AV offices will move to a new production room in the administration building.

Installation of a small café on the mezzanine level.

Remodel the present nursery into a guest reception area and classroom.

Remodel the present restrooms.

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