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Pastor Randal Ackland
Lead Pastor
Pastor Randal and his wife Connie have been in ministry since 1981 and started leading CIC in 2012. As a former missionary, Pastor Randal says that CIC has that same missionary “passion for seeking out those who don’t know Jesus, whole-hearted worship, and to become like Jesus.”
img Randal Ackland
Pastor Kevin Landis,
Youth/Young Adults Pastor
After growing up serving in ministry, Pastor Kevin and his wife Ana graduated with degrees in ministry and came to CIC to lead our youth and young adults’ programs. Pastor Kevin says that he and Ana are here to come alongside others as enthusiastic spokespeople for God’s purpose in their lives.
img Kevin Landis
Mrs. Darlene DeCastro,
Children’s Pastor
Mrs. Darlene is a long-time member of CIC, and has since taught Sunday School, Children’s Church, and Girls’ Ministries classes. As CIC’s Children’s Ministries and BGMC coordinator, Mrs. Darlene is thrilled be able to teach our children see the calling that God has on each of their lives.
img Darlene DeCastro
Pastor Tony Tamba,
Pastoral Assistant
After attending multiple seminary programs from 2002-2006, Pastor Tony and his wife Hawah came to CIC and became full members where he became a Pastoral Assistant. Throughout the years, Pastor Tony has taught many Sunday School classes, and is continuing to support others called into ministry and enable them to achieve maximum success in their calling.
img Tony Tamba
Pastor Jim Wallace,
Pastoral Assistant
Pastor Jim has been a strong member of CIC for over 25 years. After serving in the US Navy, Pastor Jim and his wife Joanne came to CIC where he has been pursuing God’s calling to teach and preach the Word and build a strong community connection to help you take your “NextSteps” in becoming a member of CIC.
img Jim Wallace
Mrs. Madeline González,
Worship Director
Being a native New Yorker, Madeline and her husband Eli have grown up together in an Assemblies of God church. Since moving to the area in 2013, Madeline has passionately served as CIC’s Worship Director, saying that “God inhabits the praises of His people, and where God is, there is liberty.”
img Madeline Gonzalez
Pastor Jack Simpson,
Executive Pastor
img Jack Simpson
Pastor Jim Dieterly (JD),
Pastoral Assistant
img Jim Dieterly
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